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Tulsa Autism Consulting

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by Cheryl Miller, M.Ed.

My name is Cheryl and I am glad you found me. I understand that teaching and parenting children today requires a tool box filled with a variety of tools. Over the past 25 years of teaching children and training educators and families, I have been filling my tool box. I provide training and support to schools, families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders and behavioral needs. I am dedicated to assisting others in understanding behavior and developing positive strategies that work.

Tulsa Autism Consulting

Autism Tulsa



Providing a range of services to school districts, including In-Service Training, Functional Behavior Assessment, Behavior Support Plans and assistance with program development and classroom intervention.

In Home Training

Implementing direct In-Home Training services developed around the specific needs of the individual, the family and any special care assistants.

Workshops & Conferences

Employing education and training through both conferences and workshops in the area of autism spectrum disorders and positive behavior interventions

Parent Training

Administering a range of services for families. Assisting the family in assessing their needs and developing a specific training plan to develop specialized skills.

What others have to a say

As a Physical Therapist, I did not realize until I was working full time in the school system, how much behavior and the molding of behaviors affects our ability to treat our clients. Progress can be made or delayed solely on behavior. I was honored to work with Cheryl for 10 years in the school setting. She was able to teach me and other staff how to respond and to elicit positive behaviors. She consistently brought out the best performance in these difficult students. She has a gifted ability to set up a successful program and to allow students, especially with Autism, to be more engaged socially and become more integrated with other students. Working with Cheryl made me a better therapist and I am very thankful for that.

Leslie PearcyPhysical Therapist

Cheryl “gets it” when it comes to working with children with Autism. She has the unique ability to understand a situation immediately. Even when she is dealing with bits and pieces, she can put the puzzle together to see the big picture. Cheryl works to treat the person and the presenting symptoms, not the ‘autism’.

Her real strength is in helping teachers and parents help themselves. She doesn’t dwell on the negative of any situation, but on the positive and how the teachers/parents can build on a child’s strengths to enhance long term growth and development in children with Autism.

D.J. BesedaAutism Specialist with the Hill County Shared Services Arrangement

Working with Cheryl on the Hill County SSA Autism Team opened my eyes to how much knowledge that she has to share regarding autism. She is meticulous and looks at the whole picture. As she is gathering information from teachers, parents, and students, she is processing the student’s strengths. She designs programs on the positive behavioral supports which in turn gives the students a sense of empowerment. Cheryl is a person who gives teachers as well as parents as much support as they need. The lives of students, teachers, and parents have been enriched by Cheryl’s knowledge and expertise. Cheryl’s guidance equals positive results which in turn equals a positive educational experience for all involved!

Frieda GrigsbyDiagnostician Hill County SSA

We have employed the consultation services of Cheryl Miller for the past four years. Cheryl’s knowledge and understanding of individuals with autism is immense, and our staff has found her to be skilled at communicating this knowledge in a matter that has benefited both teachers and students.  Not only does she provide on-site training, but also shares her vast knowledge of resources available to use within the classroom, community, and home environments.  Additionally, when questions arise between site visits, Cheryl is accessible through electronic and phone communication.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Cheryl to schools, agencies, and families seeking to better understand and help students with autism spectrum disorder.

Kay McClureDirector of Special Services Sulphur Springs ISD